AOC Runs From Debate at Parade

AOC strikes out at NYT Editor

Some people talk an awful lot without ever having much to say. AOC happens to be one of those people, but she usually has the chance to try to prepare enough to fool her followers into believing she knows what she’s talking about. Obviously, her history of spewing absolute drivel means the sane among us see right through her. But what happens when she has to rely on her own knowledge on the fly?

She runs, that’s what.

Rich Valdes, associate producer for the Mark Levin Show was probably expecting a heated conversation at the very least. What he didn’t expect was for AOC to turn tail and get as far away from debate as possible when approached during the Puerto Rican parade in New York. She was moving so fast, she walked right by her own party.

We’re sure AOC will come up with some excuse, but we can see for ourselves what happens when she has to respond on the fly. And do we really want anyone representing us who is so badly informed that they can’t even answer a simple question without running away?