AOC SURROUNDED – Crowd Sends Her A Message!

AOC Gets Surrounded By Angry Protestors

AOC Gets Surrounded by Angry Protestors

( – A crowd of New Yorkers provided far-left congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) a lesson in what they think of her last week after jeering her at a meeting. AOC tried to put a brave face on it, but her critics weren’t impressed. It seems her democratic socialist ideology is really starting to annoy people with the reality of a Democrat administration tanking.

On October 19, AOC held a town hall meeting in her Queens district, and it didn’t go the way she probably expected. Hecklers quickly interrupted her, with one angry resident telling her, “There are only two f**king genders.” Then, the crowd started chanting, “AOC has got to go.” The humiliated congresswoman attempted to brush off the protest by pretending to dance to the chant, but the heckling continued.

It’s becoming obvious that not everyone in AOC’s district is happy with her. At a previous week’s town hall, a group accused her of being an establishment Democrat posing as a radical. The protesters slammed AOC for supporting US aid to Ukraine and claimed she was risking nuclear war with Russia and China. Again, her attempts to calm the situation failed. So far, her seat still looks secure, but the unofficial leader of “the squad” is definitely starting to lose her charm.

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