AOC’s Immature Tweet and Delete Oil Crash Move

AOC's Immature Tweet and Delete Oil Crash Move

( – For someone who has 6.7 million followers on Twitter and relishes bashing President Donald Trump’s tweets the split second they hit his feed, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) really didn’t think things through. After US oil futures went into negative numbers, she posted a message gleefully pointing out how that’s a good thing, then deleted it. But not before people grabbed screenshots of it.

How a purportedly intelligent woman can say anyone would “absolutely love to see it” is truly mind-boggling. It’s not just investors in evil fossil fuels (as viewed by AOC and her ilk) who lost incredible sums of money, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) dropped over 600 points after the news broke on Monday, April 20.

It seems awfully cold-hearted to be a cheerleader for economic disaster when so many “Average Joes” invest in the market either directly or through mutual funds to save for things like retirement or a child’s college tuition.

Just like the Democrats in Congress put their agenda above the needs of the people in blocking the second small business relief bill last week, AOC provides more proof, if it’s really needed, that Progressive Liberals only care about their pet issues no matter what the cost to the majority of the country might be.

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