AOC’s View on Crime Is a Gift to GOP

AOC's View on Crime Is a Gift to GOP

( – Across the country, residents are dealing with a significant spike in crime. Some blame the defunding of the police movement, a lack of police resources, and courts all too willing to release bad actors after committing a crime. Despite the growing concerns, some in the Democratic Party aren’t coming to grips with the problems. Chief among them is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

In a recent Zoom call with fellow New York Democratic socialist Rep. Jamaal Bowman, AOC expressed concern the crime spike was nothing more than “hysteria.” That’s coming from the queen of hysteria, whose “present” vote in May aimed to ensure $2 billion to the Capitol police to protect her and her colleagues. In her case, she wants her security, but it’s not okay for the public who lives with rampant crime in their neighborhoods every day.

The Democratic Socialist firebrand is either in deep denial or is very naive and at odds with the leaders of her party. It could cause a severe fracture between Democrats on the left and those in the center. Fortunately, the ones who will benefit from this gift are the GOP.

The Crime Wave Is Hysteria

One would think that AOC would be familiar with what’s happening in her hometown of New York City, where she’s a Congresswoman from a district in the Bronx. In 2020, the city council cut $1 billion from the police. It’s gotten so bad in NYC that crimes involving shootings are up 73% in May compared to May 2020. Compared to 2019, they’re up 107%. Rape, burglaries, and other crimes are all up as well.

Numbers don’t lie. Is it a coincidence that the spike occurred after the police were defunded? Anything’s possible, but it’s doubtful.

According to AOC, she’s concerned that it might just be hysteria. She claims the numbers should be considered in context. Is context how she decided to vote to protect herself in June? Doesn’t the public deserve protection based upon their own experiences as well?

The Left Could Be Helping the GOP Secure the House in 2022

On Sunday morning, AOC appeared on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. She unambiguously stated Democrats only have one chance to pass their sweeping far-left plan, and they need to do it now. She doesn’t sound very confident. Apparently, the Socialist sees the writing on the wall. America is rejecting the Left’s message. Otherwise, there would not be such urgency to do it now if America really issued Democrats a mandate, as AOC claimed to Chuck Todd.

The White House knows the Left’s plan is in trouble with Americans. Last week, President Joe Biden announced he’s prepared to allocate more money for police. In New York City, Democrats are on the verge of nominating an NYC mayoral candidate, a former NYPD captain promising to refund the police and fight crime.

As polls and voters actively reject AOC’s message, she appears ready to hunker down and fight. That could split the party as the GOP replays its successful 2020 House message that Democrats are the party of crime. In November, Moderates in the party said the “defund the police” movement must stop, or there would be a slaughter in 2022.

It appears the Left still isn’t getting the message.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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