Appeals Court Blocks Immigration Policy — Sort Of?

Appeals Court Blocks Immigration Policy

( – The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals did a quick turnaround on Friday. Earlier in the day, they decided to block the Trump administration’s Remain-in-Mexico policy and then quickly reversed their decision.

This policy, which started in January, made migrants who wanted to seek asylum in the United States return to Mexico to wait for their hearings.

It was created to help end the catch-and-release method used by the Obama administration. Obama’s immigration policy allowed for migrants to be released into the US and stay here until their cases were heard, which could take years. This encouraged migrants to come to the United States and flood the border.

With Trump’s new policy, a case can be heard in less than three months.

Although it’s been proven that the new policy is better for the US and for migrants, the 9th circuit decided on Friday to block the policy in a 2-1 vote.

A few hours later, they changed their minds and decided that the government had until the end of the day Monday to file written arguments and the plaintiffs have until the end of Tuesday to respond.

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