Apple Store TRAGEDY – Over a Dozen Victims!

Car Crashes Into Apple Store, Injuring 19 and Killing 1

Car Crashes Into Apple Store, Injuring 20 and Killing 1

( – The CDC reported that more than 7,000 pedestrians died as a result of motor vehicle accidents in 2020. In recent months, there have been a number of instances of people hitting large groups with their cars. That’s what happened at a store before Thanksgiving.

On November 21, a vehicle crashed into an Apple store in Massachusetts. The incident occurred after 10 a.m., killing 65-year-old Kevin Bradley and injuring 20 others. According to Plymouth District Attorney Tim Cruz, authorities arrested 53-year-old Bradley Rein and charged him with reckless operation of a vehicle and reckless homicide by motor vehicle. The defendant pleaded not guilty at his arraignment.

CBS News reported that Rein allegedly told police that he was looking for a store to buy eyeglasses when his foot got stuck on the gas pedal. He said he tried to use the brake but couldn’t stop the SUV. He passed a breathalyzer after the accident.

There was another accident involving a large group in November as well. Police recruits in Los Angeles, California, were out for an early morning run when a car plowed into them. Reports indicated 25 recruits ended up in the hospital. Police are currently putting together a case against the driver in that accident. He is out on bail while law enforcement wraps up the investigation.

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