Apple’s War On Muslims And the Butthurt Internet

Apple’s War On Muslims And the Butthurt Internet
Apple’s War On Muslims And the Butthurt Internet

Apple’s iPhone X is getting plenty of commentary on the Internet. Most people love its sleek design and with all the recent privacy concerns, are applauding the brilliance of facial recognition. Other than railing about the hefty price tag, that pretty much summed up what people had to say about the iPhone X, that is until Katie Hopkins shared an image and mocked Niqabi women for not being able to use the facial recognition feature.

That’s when the Internet lost its mind.
Since then, “Apple is at war with niqab” has been trending on Twitter in Arabic.
Hopkins, a British columnist who is famous for her anti-Islam talk, has faced a backlash of epic proportions over the tweet, some of which suggested that her looks alone would prevent her from using the facial recognition software.
Believe it or not, it only gets worse from there.

Extreme Backlash

Some questions concerning terrorist tactics were raised. Some wanted to know how facial recognition could be used once a face was doused in acid, in reference to the acid attack technique employed by some terrorists. Others began questioning how long it would take for suicide bombers to start visiting Apple factories or businesses.

Apple’s Face ID

To clarify, Apple is not at war with Muslims, or any other race, religion, sex or nationality. While many of the comments concerning the issue were made in jest, others are perfectly serious. And of course, there are those who swear that the facial recognition software was designed to assist the FBI. It leads one to wonder if there is anything at all that the Internet won’t turn into an argument or paranoia. Probably not.
Of course, there are those who seem to be sane and are considering that the feature was designed as an added layer of security for the iPhone. And there is always the option of not buying the iPhone X.
Either way, you can bet this controversy isn’t bothering Apple one bit. Their followers are dedicated and most likely showing off their facial recognition feature to someone right now. If anything, Apple is enjoying the free publicity, even if they are wondering at the ability of a phone to cause so many people to get in an uproar.
Face ID is a biometric version of a password, and Apple has claimed that it can meet various challenges. Allegedly, it can store your original image, but also recognize it under various lighting conditions. It can also recognize your face even as you age, and not accept the face of someone else, even if they look like you.
In case you’re worried about how secure Face ID is, Apple has stated that there is only a 1 in 1,000,000 chance that someone can hack it with another face, as opposed to the 1 in 50,000 chance that Touch ID can be hacked. All this with not even a mention of the niqab. Weird.