Are Democrats in Trouble With Black Voters?

Are Democrats in Trouble with Black Voters?

While Democrats are playing their impeachment game and doing all they can to get rid of Donald Trump, something big is happening away from Washington, D.C.

The economy has significantly improved for African-Americans in general since President Trump took office in 2016. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment in the black community at its lowest level since the US government started tracking unemployment in 1970. Unemployment isn’t down for just African-Americans, but they’re a demographic that has been longing for real, beneficial change.

Additionally, Trump’s policies are forcing wages to go up and are creating more opportunities for upward mobility.

These simple facts are starting to manifest in the polls.

Two highly-trusted polling entities, Rasmussen and Emerson, are tracking nearly identically, which is surprising since Rassmussen is thought to lean towards the right while Emerson more to the middle-left. Each poll shows Trump’s support among blacks at 34% — an astounding rate for a Republican president.

If Trump can get just 18% of the black vote, he will easily win re-election in 2020. If he gets anywhere near 25% – 34% of the black vote, it will be a catastrophe for Democrats.

It’s Not Just the Economy – It’s Also Kanye

In addition to the economy helping Trump and Republicans win over black voters, so too are the contrasting messages coming from Kanye West and the traditional Democratic mouthpieces.

Ever since 2017, Kanye has made public statements that Democrats at large have dismissed. His activities, ranging from wearing MAGA hats, openly talking about his support for President Trump, and becoming a highly devout Christian, have sparked numerous controversies. To say that Kanye has been stepping on the Left’s toes is an understatement.

Kanye West has been challenging blacks on a crucial bit of ideology: why are African-Americans putting all their eggs in one basket with the Democratic party?

His positive message is centered on abandoning victimhood, getting an education, working diligently, being an entrepreneur, and trusting in God.

Contrast that sentiment with Leftists who exploit and benefit off of blacks. Rev. Al Sharpton fits this description perfectly while Democrats overlook his actions. This isn’t new; Democrats have been accused of preying on the victimhood of people for their own benefit for decades.

Everyone wants hope, opportunity, and to know that anyone can be successful. How do people like Sharpton perpetuate that message? They don’t. That’s why Kanye’s actions are a sight for sore eyes.

Democrats Are Running Back to the Same Old Playbook

It’s not difficult to determine that Democrats are in trouble based on their actions.

Liberals on the Left want to rebuild the Obama coalition, but the economic factors and policy issues are not the same today. Unlike in 2008 when the great recession began, this economy is strong and robust. There’s no need for old policies that would have negative effects today.

Dems are running away from this inconvenient truth. In last week’s debate — and ever since — a theme has begun to emerge. Instead of talking about issues, Democrats are turning to race and identity politics.

In Atlanta last week, the Democratic candidates had a lot to say to African-Americans in an attempt to keep their demographic as a reliable part of a coalition that guarantees Democrat electoral victories.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), herself an African American, said:

“…for too long I think candidates have taken for granted constituencies that have been the backbone of the Democratic Party… primarily black women.”

-Kamala Harris

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) took it one step further on the topic of discrimination:

“As a white woman, I will never fully understand the discrimination, pain and harm that black Americans have experienced just because of the color of their skin. When I am president of the United States, the lessons of black history will not be lost.”

-Elizabeth Warren

Then, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) chimed in. He was the one candidate who truly hinted at how African Americans may be feeling. During last Wednesday night’s debate, he said:

“Democrats also have to talk about how to grow wealth as well… They’re pissed off because the only time our issues seem to be really paid attention to by politicians is when people are looking for their vote. And they’re worried because in the Democratic Party, we don’t want to see people miss this opportunity and lose because we are nominating someone that… isn’t trusted, doesn’t have authentic connection.”

-Cory Booker

What’s Next?

There are only three months to go until primaries begin, and Democrats are starting to show their fear. Could they lose to Donald Trump, again? This could be a reality, especially with the black vote in his favor.

As stated above, Trump only needs 18% of the African-American vote to really put the pressure on Democrats.

Furthermore, if the economy remains strong and African-American workers continue to benefit, Democrats may resort to desperate measures. Dems could become more aggressive, negative, and push harder on race issues to keep black voters from abandoning them. In turn, that could turn off more centrist black voters whose socioeconomic issues aren’t being addressed.

Democrats could be forced to fight tooth and nail for the black vote for the first time since the Great Depression.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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