Are Democrats Trying to Change America Too Quickly?

Are Democrats Trying to Change America Too Quickly?

( – If you took a survey of people on the streets and asked how many of them like change, you might find that a surprising number don’t like it at all. While most people can handle incremental change, they can’t handle a lot of change at one time. For example, all the changes that go along with buying and selling a home can be extremely stressful and unsettling. Yet, here we are three months into the Biden administration, and changes are happening at warp speed.

Democrats are intent on changing everything. They don’t particularly care if Americans like it or not. They spent four years demagoguing Trump. They said he was too much for the country. Yet, in a short time, they began changing our history, language, curriculum, biology, social norms, immigration, policing, foreign affairs, and our values. It’s so much so fast that it doesn’t just make our heads spin until we’re dizzy; our heads eventually just fly right off our shoulders.

Change Is Complex

Historically, change comes in stages and over time. Outside of the 20th century, change rarely happened in society, and when it did, it sometimes took hundreds of years or more. The result of a change is also unknown, and that creates fear. Change should also be realistic and positive, yet it doesn’t feel that way when the proposed changes are forced without obtaining peoples’ buy-in.

Democrats aren’t even trying to persuade America, especially the other half that views their positions as radical and frighteningly transformative. Changing complex societal norms is not just risky. It’s irresponsible, divisive, and corrosive.

It’s Not Just One Issue

In 2010, half of America staunchly opposed Obamacare. It launched a political struggle that created the Tea Party. Today, it’s not just one issue. Consider the following changes that are occurring or that Democrats are pushing:

Any one of these things would be a lot to handle. Democrats are forcing America to deal with them all at once — and they aren’t done.

What’s the Agenda?

Conservatives surmised for a decade or longer than the hard push left was a sign that Democrats were no longer a party that believed in America. Based on the policy objectives listed above, one has to wonder if that isn’t true. Somewhere along the way, liberals flipped a switch and became something other than liberals.

America is dealing with a hostile takeover. In a Washington Post opinion piece on Wednesday, April 14, columnist James Hohmann had the audacity to say it’s the Republicans’ protection of the Constitution that makes them the “crazy party” that can’t govern responsibly or effectively. Remember, this is the same paper that uses the slogan “Democracy Dies in the Darkness” at the top of every webpage and newspaper printed during the Trump presidency and continues it to this day.

It’s not the GOP causing the craziness. It’s the Left devolving into the craziness that is sparking concern and distrust among Americans.

What can one surmise from all of this? It’s all happening so fast, it’s hard to know. Perhaps the Left is so singularly focused that it can’t see its own blinders or the consequences of its actions. Regardless, one thing is certain: These are not the same liberals who once defended America, freedom of speech, and the liberties America holds dear.

Are Democrats changing America too quickly, and is it for the best?

You be the judge of that one.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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