Are Vaccine Passports on the Horizon?

Are Vaccine Passports on the Horizon?

( – So far, the Biden administration has said it doesn’t support the idea of “vaccine passports” for people immunized against COVID. However, now it looks like Biden is getting ready to go back on that assurance.

On July 28, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC, said she thought vaccine passports might be “the way forward.” Walensky has been under fire recently for continuing to demand tougher restrictions even though the majority of American adults are now vaccinated.

When former President Donald Trump launched Operation Warp Speed to rapidly develop COVID vaccines, the promise was that they would let life return to normal. Now, the Biden administration, not satisfied with simply reaping the fruits of Trump’s initiative, is using increasingly heavy-handed methods to force people to get the vaccine. But, the promised freedom isn’t materializing.

Walensky claims that last week’s controversial new guidance on masks – keep wearing them indoors even if you’re fully vaccinated – was necessary to slow the spread of the new Delta variant, and is based on “new data.” However, she isn’t willing to release that data, so none of us can see how persuasive it is. Meanwhile, instead of asking herself if these new restrictions are really necessary, Walensky is pushing for even more – and Biden seems to be listening. It’s almost as if he doesn’t want the pandemic (and all its opportunities for state control) to end.

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