Are Voters Experiencing Buyers Remorse?

Are Voters Experiencing Buyers Remorse?

( – President Joe Biden is a wounded politician. That never bodes well for a president with a bold agenda and a lack of voter mandate. If Biden loses the House or the Senate in November 2022, not only will his agenda for the remainder of his term be compromised, so too could his presidency. The big shark circling in the water can smell blood. The question is, will he be enticed?

On Monday, December 5, a new poll showed many voters who voted for Biden are experiencing buyers’ remorse. If the election were held today, more voters say they would vote for former President Donald Trump than President Biden. It’s a colossal failure for Biden, who promised to govern as a Moderate, heal America from divisions, and unite the country.

Biden Made Promises He Never Intended to Keep

In 2020, Biden made several promises to people tired of the Democrats’ continued attacks on Donald Trump. Despite his pledge to unite the country, Biden is perhaps more polarizing than Trump. After Hillary Clinton embarrassingly lost to the business mogul in 2016, it became all hands on deck to frustrate and ultimately run Trump out of Washington, DC.

After four years of misinformation, fake news, inappropriate investigations based on lies, and two trumped-up impeachments, some Americans felt it was time for a change. They believed Uncle Joe would be a quiet alternative to settle things down after falling into the Democrat and media trap. Suffice it to say, that didn’t happen.

Consider Biden’s actions and promises. He

  • Promised he was Moderate before he championed the causes of the radical Socialist Left.
  • Labeled Trump a failure on COVID-19 and swore to end the pandemic before he backtracked and executed federal vaccine mandates that are failing in federal courts.
  • Pledged to unite Americans in 2020 before he demagogued Conservative states as racists.
  • Promised not to politicize the Department of Justice before turning the agency loose to achieve political victories against GOP-led states.
  • Told the world America was back before he blindsided global leaders by botching the withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  • Signaled to migrants that he would reverse Trump’s immigration policies, resulting in massive waves of illegal immigrants totaling over 1 million incursions into the US and two court rulings saying he broke federal law.

All of that happened in less than one full year in office. Compared to Trump, he’s a colossal nightmare, and he’s paying for it in the polls. In April, the RealClearPolitics average of polls showed Biden at 55.7% approval rating. In August, it began slipping during the Afghan withdrawal. Only 43.1% of Americans approved in November, and 53.5% disapproved. Independents were largely responsible for Biden’s drop in approval as they walked away from the president.

Trump Would Win If Election Were Held Today

According to a new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey, 48% of voters said they would vote for Trump compared to 45% for Biden. Shockingly to Democrats, women were evenly split at 46%. Men backed Trump over Biden 50% to 43%. Among Rural voters, Trump trounced Biden by 33 points.

The poll comes while Biden struggles to control the pandemic, inflation surges, illegal immigration is out of control, and America is on its heels with global leaders who believe they can’t rely on America after Biden’s failures.

If Trump chooses to seek the Republican nomination in 2024, he’ll likely get it with a landslide as 67% of Republicans say they’ll back the former president. Former Vice President Mike Pence came in second at 9%, followed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at 8%.

Trump hasn’t formally announced another run for president and isn’t certain to say much until after the 2022 midterm elections. However, he’s suggesting it’s likely he’ll make a run at Biden if the GOP wins big next November.

Stay tuned.

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