Arizona County Pushes Forward to Investigate Election Fraud

Arizona County Pushes Forward to Investigate Election Fraud

( – Even though Joe Biden is already in the White House, many skeptical lawmakers still want to know exactly how he got there. Now, an Arizona county has launched a new investigation into voting fraud – but it’s doing it reluctantly and trying to rig the audit.

Maricopa County, AZ has been solidly red for years – but flipped to Biden last November. Many GOP lawmakers have serious questions about how this could happen and they’ve been looking for answers since the election. Now the county supervisors have finally agreed to an investigation into the handling of ballots and the use of Dominion voting machines, but they’re doing their best to cripple it before it even begins.

State Senator Sonny Borrelli (R) told reporters on January 25 that, while the supervisors have now authorized a new audit, they’re insisting it’s conducted by people they get to select. Borrelli says this is letting the fox watch the henhouse – and that even if the county’s choice of auditors were unbiased, they’re not qualified to study the issues. The steal has taken place and now it appears Democrats are burying the evidence.


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