Arizona Woman Gives Birth After Years in Vegetative State

Arizona Woman Gives Birth After Years in Vegetative State
Arizona Woman Gives Birth After Years in Vegetative State

Arizona police are investigating one of the most disturbing cases we’ve heard about in a very long time. Local law enforcement claim they received a report from Hacienda HealthCare of a pregnant woman in a vegetative state. You might want to sit down for this one; it’s pretty awful.

Key Facts

  • The patient, whose name isn’t being released to protect her privacy, has been vegetative for nearly a decade. She suffered brain trauma as a result of nearly drowning, and requires round-the-clock care.
  • It isn’t clear exactly how the woman was impregnated, but officials believe someone sexually assaulted her. Worse yet, the individual may have been assaulting her regularly for years – and they have no idea who it might be.
  • Even more disturbingly, care providers allegedly had no idea she was pregnant until she was “pretty much giving birth.” It seems a little baffling that someone with such sensitive health problems could possibly miss an entire pregnancy. Shouldn’t someone have noticed something?
  • Staff noticed she was moaning early last week; a short time later, she gave birth to a healthy baby. It’s a miracle something much worse didn’t go wrong for the mother or the baby here. It isn’t clear who the infant was placed with or if it would be adopted out to family. The woman clearly cannot care for the baby herself.
  • As for the facility, they aren’t saying much. One individual told CBS that she “was told that as of now, if a male staff needs to enter a female room, they need to bring in a female employee with them.” Hacienda has refused to directly comment on the matter to most news media outlets, but they care for around 3,000 people each year.
  • The one statement the facility gave was short, sweet, and admits nothing to the public. “We can say that our patients’ and clients’ health and safety is our No. 1 priority and that we always cooperate, when asked by any agency, in an open and transparent way,” they reported stated. But they have yet to even acknowledge any wrongdoing.
  • Though the facility isn’t saying much, the police are currently testing DNA from all male employees in the facility.
  • The CEO, Bill Timmons, has since resigned from the facility. His resignation was unanimously accepted by the board.

The Arizona Health Department is “aware of this situation and are actively working with local law enforcement in their criminal investigation.” However, it isn’t clear whether or not the patient was moved from the facility or not. It also isn’t clear if safety issues, like easy access to the rooms of vulnerable patients, have been fully addressed by Hacienda’s staff.