At Least 32 People Dead in Mass Poisoning Incident

At Least 32 People Dead in Mass Poisoning Incident

( – Bootleg liquor can pose serious risks to a person’s health. That’s why it’s illegal in the United States. An incident in Russia recently demonstrated why it’s risky to drink.

On June 7, the Russian government announced there were 62 cases of poisoning in the Ulyanovsk region. That number has now risen to 90, and at least 32 people have died. According to the press release, they got sick and died after drinking an alcoholic beverage called “Mr. Cider.” They warned residents to stay away from the drink. “You can put your life at mortal risk” by drinking the beverage. The drink contained methanol, which is highly toxic.

Olesya Kolotik-Kameneva, the acting minister of health of the region, said officials were “keeping the situation under control.” Doctors are involved in a well-coordinated effort to help the patients. They are all reportedly trending in the right direction.

Newsweek reported Alexei Russkikh, the regional governor, said the cider was sold in kegs in the region. Those who fell sick said they suffered from headaches, sudden blindness, and nausea. Authorities arrested Anar Husyenov, 32, who owns the company that supplied the drink. He was charged with providing services that didn’t meet safety requirements. He pleaded not guilty.

This isn’t the first time people have died from contaminated liquor or other toxic drinks. In December, roughly 31 people in India died after consuming tainted liquor. In 2021, 34 Russians died after drinking it in two separate incidents. In 2016, over 60 people in Irkutsk, in Siberia, succumbed after they drank bath essence that contained methanol.

Sixteen Indonesians died in 2014 after drinking a similar concoction.

In the US, moonshining is a practice that dates back generations. It was popular during the prohibition era in the early 1900s. The lack of government oversight makes it incredibly dangerous. It’s generally made from grains and fruit that ferment until it becomes a high-proof alcoholic beverage. Those who are caught violating the law can face years in prison.

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