ATF Allegedly Gunning to Crack Down on Private Sales

ATF Allegedly Gunning to Crack Down on Private Sales

( – Whenever a Democratic president takes office, there’s a fear that they will go after guns. The sales of firearms usually reflect that concern. For example, more people bought guns in the first year of President Joe Biden’s term than they did during his two predecessors’ administrations. Rumors are once again swirling about a possible crackdown.

One of the provisions of a bipartisan gun law passed in 2022 allows for expanded background checks for private gun sales. Federal law only requires a gun seller to get a background check on a buyer if the sale is made through a business licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive (ATF). Meanwhile, people who were selling their weapons online, at gun shows, and out of their houses didn’t have to perform the checks on their buyers. That loophole, known as the gun show loophole, has caused alarm for years.

The regulations required by the bill, including expanded background checks, are expected to be released soon. They mandate anyone selling guns to conduct background checks and obtain a federal license to sell. A seller who fails to register could face a $250,000 fine and go to prison for five years.

The law is meant to close the loopholes, but critics say it will regulate online gun dealers like and Armslist. Jonathan Gibbon, the founder of Armslist, spoke to AmmoLand News about the new law, slamming the government for labeling private gun sales a “loophole.” He said selling and buying guns “is a guaranteed right under the Second Amendment.” He argued that expanding the background checks would interfere with state laws.

After all the rules are laid out, there will also reportedly be a push to crack down on businesses that refuse to comply with the changes. While the rumors of the administration targeting guns swirl, it appears that it is possible the president could order the ATF to target private sales. Whether that will happen remains to be seen.

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