Attack on Military Base Results in Injuries

Attack on Military Base Results in Injuries

( — The Iraqi military issued a statement that four Iraqi soldiers were wounded on Balad Airbase Sunday after seven mortar bombs hit the base’s runway. The airbase is also home to US forces, none of which were harmed.

Balad Airbase was previously home to members of the US military, but only had a few Americans left when the attack occurred. The majority of contractors and Air Force members who had been living there were evacuated over the past couple of weeks because of rising tensions between Iran and the US.

The attack comes two days after Iran bombed a base in Iraq housing US and other national military members.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote a serious of tweets about the most recent attack and how the Iraqi government must “hold those responsible for this attack on the Iraqi people accountable.”

The Iraqi military has not said who was behind the attack.

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