Attorney General Fired Just Days After Filing Lawsuit Against Former Epstein Bank

Attorney General Fired Just Days After Filing Lawsuit Against Former Epstein Bank

( – Jeffrey Epstein died in jail before prosecutors were ever able to take him to court for charges related to the trafficking ring he allegedly ran. The billionaire killed himself in a New York jail cell rather than face accountability. That wasn’t the end of the case, though.

Victims spoke out and demanded justice. Their cries led to the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell. The British socialite is now serving a long sentence in US federal prison for crimes related to the Epstein trafficking ring. A woman who accused Prince Andrew of raping her while participating in the ring settled a lawsuit against the royal, resulting in the public ostracizing him. However, a US Attorney in the Virgin Islands wasn’t satisfied. She also wanted the financial institutions accused of involvement to pay. Unfortunately, she is now out of a job.

A Blind Eye

On December 27, then-US Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George filed a lawsuit in Manhattan District Court against the bank JPMorgan Chase. The Hill reported she accused the financial institution of turning a “blind eye” toward Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged trafficking ring. The prosecutor believed the bank helped to facilitate the trafficking of children for the billionaire when he was alive. She claimed the bank had been ignoring red flags on his accounts, and those of his businesses, for years.

In a filing, George wrote that the bank “provided and pulled the levers through which recruiters and victims were paid.” The AG filed three counts against the company, including one count of participating in sex trafficking. She asked the court to allow her to take it to a jury, but she’ll never get that opportunity.

George had previously pursued cases against Epstein, resulting in a more than $100 million settlement.

You’re Fired

Days after George filed the lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase, US Virgin Islands Governor Albert Bryan Jr. fired her from her position. The governor did not explain to the public why he let her go. The decision led to speculation that it had something to do with the Epstein case.

The New York Times reported that people briefed on the firing couldn’t discuss George’s termination because Bryan wasn’t talking about it. A spokesperson for the governor, Richard Motta, said the reports about George’s firing in connection with the JPMorgan Chase case are “not entirely accurate.”

There are rumors friction existed between the two officials for some time. Insiders speculated that one reason was that the attorney general allegedly didn’t inform the governor about her activities. However, she didn’t need his permission to pursue cases. George said she believes “no institution […] should be off-limits, no matter how wealthy or powerful.”

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