Authorities Ignore Warnings About YouTube Shooter

YouTube Responds to Child Exploitation Accusations with Immediate Action
Authorities Ignore Warnings About YouTuber Shooter

39-year-old Nasim Agdham, who became famous just yesterday for her responsibility in an active shooter event at YouTube Headquarters, may have been known to police before the event occurred. It turns out her father, Ismail Agdham, had called police just days prior to report her as missing and warn them that she may be planning to attack the company’s location. Certainly seems like another case of law enforcement dropping the ball leading to serious harm!

Key Facts

• It also seems that police were in touch with the Agdham family when they first found Nasim sleeping in her car. They called Ismail to inform him, but it isn’t clear whether or not they intervened. Because she was over 18, there isn’t really much they could do to force her to go home.
• Oddly, it seems that Nasim was an extremely left-leaning individual who mostly spread messages of typically leftist “peace.” Her channel on YouTube contained videos of workout clips, animal abuse videos and vegan cooking tutorials.
• On at least one video, Nasim ranted about being “discriminated” against and “filtered” out of the YouTube community by the platform. She is referencing the fact that YouTube actively restricts monetization on ads that contain inflammatory or adult content. This issue has also impacted political activists, libertarian preppers, and gun owners.
• Nasim’s channel had nearly 5,000 subscribers, many of whom tuned in often to view her bizarre and sometimes outright confusing videos. She may have had another four channels under different names in various languages, including Farsi, English and Turkish.
• Police initially suspected the shooting may have been in retaliation against an old boyfriend who worked at YouTube. However, this directly contradicts the fact that police were aware of Nasim and the risks she may pose. It isn’t yet clear whether this is an issue of miscommunication or outright negligence.
• Contrary to public rumor, there is no evidence that Nasim had any connections to terrorism. Her own father revealed that he wasn’t even aware she owned a gun or had purchased a gun recently.