Authorities Take Prolific Ukrainian Hackers Into Custody

Authorities Take Prolific Ukrainian Hackers Into Custody

( – Over the last 18 months, ransomware attacks have intensified. It’s not small sites targeted by bad actors, either. Hackers aim big — who could forget the Colonial Pipeline attack earlier this year? However, there’s a bit of good news. Two alleged criminals are now off the streets.

On Tuesday, September 28, law enforcement took two as-yet-unnamed ransomware gang members into custody. Several agencies worked together, including authorities from the United States, European Union, France and Ukraine.

Authorities also carried out several property searches, netting nearly $400,000 in cash and two luxury vehicles. Additionally, they seized and froze $1.3 million worth of cryptocurrency, showing just how damaging the ransomware attacks were. In fact, this particular gang, which authorities have not named, was responsible for extorting up to $150 million from firms in North America and Europe.

These attacks demonstrate technology’s vulnerability. With the world’s increasing reliance on various forms of technology, it’s imperative to develop safeguards. President Joe Biden is looking to do just that with a coalition of 30 countries set to convene this month in a joint effort to identify concerns and ways to combat the attacks.

While arresting the two bad actors is certainly a good start, there are indisputably plenty more to take their place. Only with the proper measures in place can we be sure that technology works for us and not against us.

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