Avoid These 87 Popular Baked Goods Until Further Notice

Avoid these 87 foods

Regulators in the US and abroad are warning consumers about a popular ingredient in 87 baked goods that’s very likely in your pantry right now. This single ingredient increases tumor activity and disrupts cell DNA. It is banned as a food additive in a number of countries, but not yet in USA. EWG.org strongly recommends we avoid it now–before Prop 65 labeling takes effect.
From Environmental Working Group:
By: Jose Aguayo, Database Analyst, and Nneka Leiba, Deputy Director of Research
Was your bread baked with flour containing a possible cancer-causing additive?
Few foods evoke an image of wholesomeness like fresh-baked bread. But the flour used in many commercial baked goods include an additive that’s been linked to cancer.
The additive is called potassium bromate, which is added to flour to strengthen the dough, allow it to rise higher and give the finished bread an appealing white color.
How can you avoid it?
Check the list of 87 foods to avoid and use EWG’s Food Scores database and companion app to find foods without potassium bromate.
87 Products with potassium bromate (as of 9/16/2015)*
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