Axe Attacker RELEASED – They Let Him WALK!

Axe Attacker Released Without Bail

Axe Attacker Released Without Bail

( – When people enter a McDonald’s franchise, they expect to receive quick service and hot fries. They aren’t expecting an axe-wielding criminal who terrorizes patrons. Yet, that’s exactly what customers at one restaurant got with their burgers, and now the suspect is roaming the streets again.

On Friday, NYPD officers arrested Michael Palacios, 31, and charged him with multiple counts after he allegedly frightened diners with an axe. Shortly after his arrest, the police had no choice but to release him back into the streets. A local news station interviewed the suspect, who claimed he was defending himself.

Many people, including NY Governor Kathy Hochul (D), have questioned the policy that led to Palacios’ quick release from jail. The New York Post reported she had questions about the “thought process” that went into making that decision. The state’s biggest city has already seen a spike in crime, and its top prosecutor, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, has all but eliminated cash bail for low-level offenses. But is going on a rampage with an axe really a small criminal offense?

Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin called for an end to the cashless bond program.

Do you support the decision to let Palacios out of jail without bail?

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