Babies in a Tub Torn Away by Tornado Survive!

Babies in a Tub Torn Away by Tornado Survive!

( – Early in December, deadly tornadoes ripped through six states in the midwest. More than 90 people died with 76 of the fatalities occurring in Kentucky. However, one lucky family managed to survive.

When the storm approached Clara Lutz’s home in Hopkins County, Kentucky, she placed her two grandchildren in a bathtub with a blanket, pillow, and a Bible. The tornado hit her house a short time later, ripping it off of its foundation. The tub was swept away with the home with 3-month-old Dallas and 15-month-old Kaden still inside it. Lutz suffered a minor head injury but was fine. When the storm passed, the terrified grandma said she prayed to God that rescue workers would find the babies alive.

The local sheriff got involved in the search, and they eventually found the kids in the yard, with the bathtub turned upside down on top of them.

Dallas, the infant, suffered a bump to the back of the head. He was treated at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University Medical Center and later released. The home of the babies’ parents survived the storm.

The family’s survival story is incredible. The children and their grandmother are lucky to be alive. So many people were not that fortunate and hundreds more lost everything right before the holidays.

America is praying for all of the victims of the December tornadoes.

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