Babies Used as New Terrorist Threats

Babies Used as New Terrorist Threats
Babies Used as New Terrorist Threats

A lot of things are changing in Trump’s America, one of which is a new threat that could shake up the military… babies killing babies.

Yes, you read that right. Babies are the new terrorists.

This isn’t a brand new concept, as the use of babies in bombings occurred back in November and the use of children in the Vietnam War tore our country apart. But now, it seems to be an ongoing trend that Trump’s military is going to have to deal with. It hasn’t reached America yet, but you can bet it will since it has seen some success in other countries.
Several attacks have taken place in areas where vaccinations, education, and even religion is offered. But, earlier this month in Madagali, 3 teenage girls blew themselves up… and one of them was carrying a baby.
The use of children as suicide bombers has been an effective method because their innocence often causes them to go unnoticed in check points like those manned by the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF). However, security has been more thorough as children are used more frequently. So, the bombers have resorted to hiding the bombs between the women and the babies they carry on their backs.
The irony is that recent targets are places that were developed to protect children. While one group is trying to vaccinate children, another is targeting vaccinations points. Why?

In the name of Islam, of course.

What? Yes, you read that right. These Islamic terrorists believe that the vaccinations are being given in an effort to sterilize Islamic girls. So, their answer is to kill existing babies by using them to hide bombs.
Yes, rationality has left the building, folks. We can’t even pretend that these attacks make sense. They are literally killing babies in the name of saving babies. What we can do is hope that President Trump and the military are paying attention and preparing for the threat of baby terrorist. Welcome to Trump’s America, where all the rules are changing… for better or worse.