Bad News for Biden as Approval Rating Sinks Again

Bad News for Biden as Approval Rating Sinks Again

( – President Joe Biden still won’t admit that he’s likely to be a one-term chief executive, but if he runs again, he could be in for an unpleasant surprise. Voters have had over two years to get to know his left-wing agenda — and they don’t like it. The president’s popularity has never been high, and now it’s sinking yet again.

President Biden has never been as popular as he was when he took office. As soon as he started work, his approval ratings went into decline, and they’ve never recovered. Last summer, he hit a low of 36% approval, and since then, he’s been bumping along the floor; it seems like a real recovery in popularity is beyond him. Democrats got their hopes up slightly earlier this month, when polls showed an underwhelming 42% of Americans approved of the job Biden was doing, but now a new poll shows that he’s sliding back again.

The March 23 poll by the Associated Press and NORC shows that in February, Biden’s approval rating had actually risen as high as 45%, but now it’s back down to 38%. That leaves it close to last July’s record low — and there’s no reason to believe it could recover anytime soon. Americans are particularly unhappy with Biden’s handling of the economy; just 31% think he’s doing a good job, while 68% think he’s performing badly.

Voters’ opinions on the direction the country is headed are even more pessimistic. Only 21% think the US is moving in the right direction, a significant fall from the 28% who thought that in February. While opinions about Biden have a strong partisan bias, the discontent about where we’re going as a nation is more evenly spread. Both Republicans and Democrats are unhappier than last month. The president is running out of time to rebuild his popularity before the 2024 campaign starts to pick up speed.

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