Bad News for James Comey… It Finally Happened

Bad News for James Comey... It Finally Happened

( – Former FBI Director James Comey probably isn’t feeling very relaxed this week. It looks as though his antics during the Russian collusion investigation are finally catching up with him. A Senate committee has just authorized subpoenas for most of the leading figures in the investigation, and Comey’s name is on the list.

Homeland Security Wants Answers

The Senate Homeland Security Committee is reviewing the origins of the collusion probe to uncover any abuses of process by Obama administration officials in their attempts to discredit President Trump. So far, they’ve requested all records of the FBI investigation that kicked off the political witch hunt, as well as details of the State Department’s meetings with renegade British spy Christopher Steele, who wrote the infamous anti-Trump dossier for the Clinton campaign. Now, the committee’s investigating panel wants to speak to the senior officials who pushed the probe despite the lack of evidence to support Steele’s allegations.

Committee chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) is facing partisan opposition to his inquiry; there are seven Democrats on the 15-strong committee, and most of them aren’t enthusiastic about exposing the Obama administration’s maneuvers. In August, Senator Johnson reported that even some of the Republican members were blocking further progress, apparently over worries that it could look politically motivated. However, a vote on Wednesday gave an 8-6 majority for issuing subpoenas for former CIA chief John Brennan, ex-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper – and James Comey.

Are Comey’s Hands Dirty?

Comey’s role in the collusion investigation has always raised suspicions that he was motivated by his dislike of President Trump. During the Hillary Clinton email scandal, it emerged that Comey had written a conclusion officially exonerating her before the investigation was even finished. Later, when Comey was informed that Russian officials had damaging information on Clinton, his response was to launch the collusion investigation against Trump. Now, Johnson wants to find out why Comey helped push a politically motivated attack on the president.

Johnson also wants to investigate the practice of “unmasking” that came up during the Russian probe. When US citizens are accidentally recorded during investigations into foreign nationals, and they’re not connected to the investigation, their identities are supposed to be protected. However, several Americans, including former national security adviser Michael Flynn, were publicly identified. In May, Johnson uncovered a list of officials who had pushed for this “unmasking” – and Comey was on it. That’s just one thing the sacked FBI boss would sooner not be asked about, but he can’t dodge the hard questions anymore.

This investigation is just getting started. Stay tuned and we’ll bring you all the fireworks.

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