Bank Suddenly Closes Account Belonging to Conservative App

Bank Suddenly Closes Account of Conservative App

( – Donald Trump Jr. launched a news aggregator website in 2022. MxM News delivers news articles specifically chosen to appeal to Conservatives and delivers them via a feed. The website’s bank suddenly shut down its account recently, but it’s now back up.

On March 2, PNC Financial Services Group informed Trump Jr. that it was severing ties with MxM News. Newsweek reported the younger Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and told Newsmax’s John Bachman that “cancel culture” is to blame for the decision.

Trump Jr. called the decision a “weaponization of corporate America.” He said the bank sent him a letter containing a cashier’s check for the amount of money in the account. PNC Bank released a statement saying the decision to close the account had nothing to do with politics. The company stated that it “recognize[s] and respect[s] that [its] customers and [its] employees hold a wide range of political beliefs.”

On March 3, the bank responded to a Twitter post from Trump Jr where he claimed the institution was discriminating against him because of his political affiliation. PNC once again reiterated the account closure was not related to politics. It also stated that after an investigation into the matter, it determined the account was closed in error, and it was reopened.

This incident wasn’t the first time Conservatives have accused banks of exhibiting bias. In 2019, JPMorgan Chase was under fire for allegedly closing the accounts of conservative activists. The New York Post reported at the time that Enrique Tarrio, the head of the Proud Boys, was among those whose accounts had been closed. He claimed several managers couldn’t tell him what he had done to warrant such a response.

Trump Jr. has not revealed whether he intends to keep using PNC Bank in light of the recent incident.

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