Barack in 2020, UFOs and the President, US Women’s Soccer Team Wins the World Cup

Barack and Michelle Will Support Anyone in 2020

The former First Lady made a very telling announcement during an interview on CBS. She said that she and former President Obama will be supporting whoever wins the Democratic primary.

This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, as many people on the Left have said they will vote for whoever goes up against President Trump. The Democrats seem awfully proud of the fact that they are going to be voting based on who they dislike instead of policies that are important to them.

President Trump and UFOs

What does President Trump believe when it comes to the existence of aliens and UFOs? During an interview with Tucker Carlson, Trump stated that he has not yet been convinced that UFOs actually exist.

This topic came up after recent reports that Navy pilots were claiming to have seen objects flying at high speeds with no visible exhaust. There was also a claim made by someone in the government that said the US has a wrecked UFO in its possession. Trump said he didn’t think that information is correct, but he is willing to keep an open mind.

This is an important distinction to note about our president. On a highly debated topic, he shares his own opinion, but doesn’t try to force anyone else to share the same on and is willing to acknowledge the possibility that he’s wrong. We only hope the Left is taking notes on how that works.

Us Women’s Soccer Team Wins the World Cup

President Trump once again showed that he is the bigger man by congratulating the US Women’s Soccer Team for their big win. There has been some tension the past week after Megan Rapinoe, the team’s captain, said she would never visit the White House while Trump is president.

Regardless of any tension, President Trump has made it clear that the entire US team, including Rapinoe, is invited to the White House.

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