Ben Shapiro Rages After Durham Findings Released

Ben Shapiro Rages After Durham Findings Released

( – In mid-2019, former Attorney General William Barr appointed United States Attorney for Connecticut John Durham to conduct a preliminary investigation regarding the circumstances surrounding the initiation of Crossfire Hurricane. The FBI’s probe alleged connections between Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia. He followed up by appointing Durham as a special counsel to investigate the Trump/Russia investigation and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

Investigation Completed

On May 15, Attorney General Merrick Garland sent a required letter to the heads and ranking members of the Senate and House Judiciary Committees advising that Durham had completed his investigation. He also told the lawmakers that the special prosecutor fulfilled his duties properly under the appropriate guidelines.

Garland released Durham’s 300+ page report later that day without any redactions, modifications, or additions. Durham didn’t refer any individuals for prosecution. Still, his investigation revealed a host of inappropriate actions the FBI and Justice Department officials pursued during the course of their inquiries into the Trump campaign and other related matters.

Durham blasted the FBI for initiating a full investigation of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign instead of launching a preliminary inquiry. He also pointed out the disparity between the FBI and Justice Department’s handling of allegations lodged against Trump and his team with the alarming accusations involving Hillary Clinton and her 2016 presidential bid.

As one might expect, conservative lawmakers, reporters, and pundits are demanding action in light of Durham’s findings.

Ben Shapiro Reacts to the Durham Report

Conservative media personality, syndicated columnist, and The Daily Wire’s editor emeritus Ben Shapiro spoke out about the Durham report during the May 16 airing of his podcast, “The Ben Shapiro Show.” He began his discourse by explaining that the special counsel’s communique documented one of the country’s “most shocking scandals in the history of … law enforcement.”

Continuing, Shapiro pointed out that former President Donald Trump had claimed for years that the FBI and other elements of the Deep State were attempting to undermine his campaign and presidency. Likewise, the former president has alleged that the FBI, Justice Department, and other rogue government networks colluded with the Obama administration and Clinton campaign to subvert his presidency.

Shapiro also blasted the FBI’s apparent willingness to fall down the rabbit hole of disinformation provided by “raw, unanalyzed, and uncorroborated intelligence” included with the Steele Dossier. “It’s absolutely shocking,” he stated, adding, “It’s damning.”

For its part, the FBI released a brief statement in response to the release of Durham’s report. The bureau downplayed the special counsel’s findings by claiming it had already “implemented dozens of corrective actions” regarding the misconduct detailed in his written findings.

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