Bernie Campaign Zeroing in on Competition

Bernie Campaign Zeroing in on Competition

( – Bernie Sanders’ campaign has gone on the attack — focusing on the weaknesses of his opponents.

Volunteers placing calls over the weekend were allegedly given a script that talks about how Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is one of the elite that Sanders (D-VT), and many of his supporters, dislike. The script also talks about Pete Buttigieg and former Vice President Joe Biden.

In regard to Buttigieg, it claims he doesn’t have much support from young people or African Americans and that Biden is lacking volunteers and support.

This is the first time that anyone in the Sanders campaign has been openly negative towards Warren, outside of a few tweets last summer. Although reports are now coming out that show there may have been contention behind the scenes this entire time. CNN claims that Sanders told Warren in December 2018 that a woman could not win the presidency this year.

Sanders denies this report.

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