Bernie Demands Disney Profits for "Middle Class Wage"

Bernie Demands Disney Profits for

America has a poverty problem.
No one — not even Donald Trump himself — can deny this.
But finding answers? That’s significantly more difficult, especially when you have the Left claiming everyone should pay them an allowance to simply exist. If they aren’t suggesting everyone receive free money for no reason, they’re arguing that businesses should be paying everyone $30 an hour.
Sure — let’s just force businesses to pay ridiculously high “living wages.” What could go wrong? Certainly not businesses going bankrupt by the thousands..
The Left has never been known for their use of logic and fiscal intelligence. But that’s okay, because socialist Bernie Sanders has a plan, and you’ll either feel nauseous or laugh yourself off of your chair when you hear what it is.
This will be good…

Key Points

  • Sanders shared an article highlighting Disney’s skyrocketing stock values in the wake of their recent “Avengers” movie on Twitter. “Disney poised for record high,” the title reads, “as ‘Endgame’ Reaches Box Office.”
  • Clearly playing off of the “record high” in the title, he turned his sights on the company in short order:
  • What Sanders doesn’t seem to realize is that movies bring in a lot of money, but they also cost a lot of money, time and effort to make. He also seems to feel that just because you happen to be particularly good at making movies, you should be forced to hand over all of your cold, hard-earned cash (which is likely more of a return on an investment than pure profit).
  • This also seems a bit ironic given that Sanders just joined the “Millionaire Club” a few weeks ago. And for what? Works he created (in this case, his book). What’s so different about a movie and a book? Maybe Sanders should hand over some of his own cold, hard-earned cash. Surely he doesn’t need it.
  • This isn’t the first time Sanders has taken aim at the movie production company, which is unionized. In fact, the Democratic leader even congratulated them after they increased their lowest wage to $15 an hour late last August:

Let’s be really clear, here. Suggesting that a company use all of the profits from a single movie to make permanent changes to their pay structure is insane at best. And Robert Iger? He’s a bit of a legend, but he’s also worked hard to create the life he has. The reward for that should never be being forced to hand it all over.