Bernie Lost to the Obama Legacy, Not Biden

Bernie Lost to the Obama Legacy, Not Biden

( – Twice now, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has run for president in the Democratic Party on a socialist platform — and lost. Sanders is an Independent who caucuses with Democrats, and that was part of his problem. Of course, Sanders doesn’t think he lost. He believes he’s moved the party hard-left and that while he didn’t win the nomination, his policies won the hearts and minds of the Democrats.

That’s some positive thinking at best and a false belief about where the party is at worst. The reality is, Sanders lost the nomination before it ever began. For most Democrats, he was seen as running against the establishment and former President Barack Obama just as much as he was against Obama’s former vice president for eight years, Joe Biden.

Implied Attacks on Obama Presidency

In both 2016 and 2020, Sanders ran on a “political revolution” platform and openly called for war against the Democratic Party establishment. What exactly was he calling for a revolution against?

Much of Sanders’s criticism centered on economic issues for poor and middle-class Americans. He blamed “unfettered capitalism” and said that working people were making less even though productivity had increased. Bernie claimed that three individuals owned more wealth than the bottom half of the American population. Part of his solution to solving the problems were directly opposed to Obama’s policies.

To Bernie, the following were absolute human rights:

  • Medicare-for-All
  • Jobs
  • Dignified retirement
  • Clean environment
  • Free education
  • Open immigration

In defining the solutions, Sanders, directly and indirectly, blamed Obama for the problems. Sanders repeatedly attacked Obamacare as well as Obama’s record on immigration and trade. Biden said on numerous occasions last fall that he was shocked at the attacks against him from Sanders and other far-left candidates.

Sanders, and the other far-left candidates, were warned by many Democrats, including Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, not to go after Obama and his policies.

Sander’s Flaws Exposed

In the end, Sanders tried to rely on younger voters and people of color to bolster his campaign. He failed to mobilize them at the polls, though. They simply didn’t show up in big enough numbers, and it was Biden who mobilized African-American voters and assembled a multiracial working-class coalition.

It makes sense. Biden was the vice president of President Obama. Obama is extremely popular with Democrat, African-American, and working-class voters. Sanders refused to formally join the Democratic Party and harshly attacked the establishment of which Obama and Biden are the epitomes of.

Sanders’s campaign was flawed from the beginning. By declaring war on the Democrats and waging a political revolution, he was ultimately running against Obama just as much as he was Biden. That’s a losing formula in the Democratic Party.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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