Bernie Sanders Attacks Israel Over a Lie

Bernie Sanders Attacks Israel Over a Lie

( – The Left often demonizes Israel for its conflict with Palestine. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is one of those people. Recently, he went after the US ally for allegedly not doing something that it had, in fact, already done.

On February 24, Sanders responded to a New York Times tweet about Israel sending COVID-19 vaccines to other countries. Instead of praising our ally for trying to help other nations get the virus under control, the senator accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of allegedly not sending any doses to Palestine.

The problem with his attack is that Netanyahu has already sent the Palestinian people vaccines. According to Breitbart, Israel has sent the city of Ramallah more vaccinations than any other country.

Journalist for the Jerusalem Post, Lahav Harkov, set the record straight and called the NYT’s narrative that Bernie was repeating a lie.

As a senator, it’s Sanders’ responsibility to know the facts before he comments, especially on something that could damage the US foreign relations with an ally. Yet, time and again, we have witnessed lawmakers on the Left doing the opposite of what’s right. As of this writing, Sanders has still not apologized or admitted he was wrong.

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