Bernie Sanders Wants to Tax Companies Right Out of Business

Bernie Wants to Tax Companies Right Out of Business

There’s a major push for socialist policies and agendas in America, though that’s little surprise to anyone who casually watches the news. The Left’s obsession with hyper-idealized utopias may stem from well-meaning notions, but it leaves them vulnerable to exploitation. Corrupt socialist leaders throughout history have abused their power to siphon resources from the hands of hard-working people under the guise of “for the greater good.”

Few examples highlight these phenomena better than Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and his hypocritical presidential campaign. However, before we expose Bernie’s hypocrisy, we need to unpack why his Leftist ideology will inevitably fail.

Bernie’s Plan

Bernie recently tweeted his new plan to drastically raise taxes on companies whose executives earn much more than their employees.

Bernie proposes to raise a corporation’s tax rate by 1% if the CEO makes 100 times the amount of an average employee. He’ll raise this tax an additional 1% for every increment of 100x in wage disparity up to a maximum of 5% if the CEO makes 500 times the salary of a worker.

The Problem

What Bernie fails to take into account is the value that each employee (and C-level executive) provides for the company. A CEO has organizational skills, planning capabilities and a vision for their business that few individuals can match. In fact, an effective CEO would reinvest much of that wealth back into their business to increase profits, improve workplace conditions and set themselves up for future success.

Here, Bernie attempts to guilt-trip CEOs into paying more when they’re already balancing tight company-wide budgets.

The Socialism Flaw (One of Them)

This brings up another issue with the socialist philosophy Bernie promotes so heavily.

One of the cornerstones of far-Left thinking is the concept of a “living wage.” What exactly this amounts to is unclear and varies between socialists. Some argue that nothing but the bare necessities should be available to everyone, while others want a life of luxury and opulence for all.

Of course, this is all a pipe-dream. Not everyone can go to college for free, make $80 an hour and not have to pay for healthcare. Countless businesses, let alone the entire country, would go bankrupt under such a system.

The Sander’s Hypocrisy Factor

Sanders’ main stepping stone towards achieving this “living wage” for all is to enforce a $15 federal minimum wage. Not only is this detrimental to countless small businesses, but it’s a source of hypocrisy on his part.

Bernie refused to pay his campaign staff the $15 per hour he promises all Americans. So, when push came to shove he was forced to pay the wage. Bernie obliged — while cutting staff working hours.

Why the change in Bernie’s attitude towards a $15 hourly wage? Because he knows the truth the rest of us understand: $15 is too high a price for menial labor that anyone can perform. Bernie also understands that he can make a lot of money by promising things he’ll never (or reluctantly) provide.

Final Thoughts

If this is how Bernie treats his presidential campaign, just imagine how he’ll exploit the American people during his time in the White House if elected.

Bernie Sanders is just another Leftist hoax attempting to exploit honest, hard-working Americans to steal the fruits of their labor without fair compensation.

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