Best Easter Gifts for Grandchildren of All Ages

Best Easter Gifts for Grandchildren of All Ages

Easter is an important weekend in the world of Christianity, but even those who aren’t Christian may celebrate it as well. The day is filled with fun, candy, and gifts. Sometimes, as a grandparent, it’s hard to know what to get a grandchild — whether it’s because the parents get them so much, or just because they don’t want to ply already-excited children with more candy and sugar. That’s why we compiled a list of the best Easter gifts grandparents can give to their grandchildren.

Religious Items

Since this is a religious holiday, religious items are appropriate, if the family celebrates their Christianity. Bibles, crosses, and even rosaries make great gifts. Items like these are perfect because they don’t just celebrate the holiday and Christianity in general, but give the child a cherished token that makes them think of you as they celebrate their spirituality.

Future Activities

Maybe you don’t get to spend as much time as you would like with your grandchildren. If that’s the case, give them an Easter gift in the form of a future activity. Gift them with something like seeds and simple gardening supplies so you can plan a day of planting. Tickets to a future event with you are also great gifts.

Healthy Foods

If you’re trying to steer away from sweets and candy, give your grandchildren a basket of healthy foods they enjoy. Make it even more enjoyable by giving them something they have never tried before, like a star fruit. You can also turn this into a future event by giving them the ingredients to make a yummy dish with you and setting a baking date. Or, just for fun, make your grandchildren a fresh fruit bouquet.


While the children may not realize it, traditions are some of the easiest ways to create memories that will go on for generations. Don’t just go through the process though. Explain to the children why you embrace some of the traditions you do and considering starting a new one with them.

Celebrate God

Sometimes, in the midst of all the fun and candy, families forget to celebrate their spirituality. Offer your grandchildren a story that lets them see why the day is so important. Skip lectures and things that make them uninterested, and find ways to help your grandchildren truly embrace the spirit of the day.