Best Gun Subscription Boxes

Best Gun Subscription Boxes
Best Gun Subscription Boxes

Calling all gun lovers: this one’s for you!
It seems as if there is a subscription box for nearly everything these days: food, drinks, toys, crafts, books, etc. You name it, you can pay to have it mailed to you on a monthly basis. Heck, there’s even a box for Charcuterie meats and another jam-packed with luxury items for men.
But an option for preppers and gun enthusiasts? That’s something a bit more rare with the current political climate — or, at least, it was. Over the past six months, we’ve watched as more and more companies put together gear kits containing everything from ammo to tactical gear and even fully-created custom pistols. In fact, there are officially enough subscription boxes available to make your decision difficult.
Whether you’re a devout supporter of the Second Amendment or you love someone who is, it isn’t too late to find the right gift. Here’s a list of a few of our favorite monthly boxes for shooting enthusiasts to help you decide.

  • Shooter’s Loot: This kit is all about supporting gun-lovers in having a better time when they head out to the range or just a bit of sport shooting. It’s an affordable way to gift a monthly selection of high-end gun parts, tactical knives, durable gear (like gloves and head lamps), targets and survival equipment.
    The only caveat? Shooter’s Loot sells out fast each month; they’re already sold out for December 2018. But the box is well-worth the wait. Check with the site at the turn of each month to get your order in on time.
  • Crate Club: Crate Club was created for the tactical prepper; it’s jam-packed with high-end items like clothing, ballistic armor, ammunition, knives and so much more. But don’t expect anything cheap or hastily-picked — every item in this box is hand-selected by real Special Operations Professionals (Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces, Rangers, USAF & USMC Special Ops). While you won’t find any actual guns inside, you will find everything else you need to have fun.
  • ReadyGunner: This company has a really unique approach to subscription boxes. Instead of packing up a random assortment of items and shipping them out, they let you order a custom-built AR15 part-by-part over the course of three, six, or 12 months. As the pieces come in, the giftee gets the excitement of slowly building their own custom-made gun over time.Can’t stand the agony of  forcing your friend to wait 12 months to make it functional? Don’t worry; ReadyGunner will send the whole package at once if you buy it up front. Start a Christmas morning scavenger hunt for your best range buddy and enjoy a little morning shenanigans after you hide the parts at home.
  • Ammo2: Shoot often? Love the feel of shooting brand-new, super-powerful bullets? You’ll love Automatic Ammunition™ from Ammo². This is no cookie cutter box filled with the same thing everyone else gets, either. You pick out what you want, set your own budget, and the site handles everything else for you. Each month on or around the same date, your ammunition refill arrives, ready for use the same day, if you like. Send it to your best buddy or brother and have a monthly get-together for hunting or shooting. Nothing beats quality range time.
  • TacPack: Smart enough to know you need to be prepared for anything with the way the world’s going? Preppers and survivalists will adore the TacPack subscription box. This box was one of the first and original “gun enthusiast” kits sold in the United States on a monthly basis, and its experience in picking items really shows. Kits change every month and contain an ever-evolving selection of everything from custom AR15 parts to basic survival gear that will help you stay alive if sh** hits the fan. It’s a great way to collect supplies on a budget.

These five subscription boxes are just plain fun for gun lovers and survivalists, but they’re also a great way to keep the holidays going year-long. Tell your sweetheart you love them every month or remind Dad of the days you spent sitting in the blind by giving your favorite as a gift this year. Just think of it like a surprise bag for responsible American adults!