Best Patriotic Gifts for Teens

Best Patriotic Gifts for Teens

When it comes to gift buying for the discerning teen, it’s hard to pin down the perfect present. If a special occasion is coming up, it’s never too early to get a head start on gift ideas. For the teen who dreams of being a true American patriot and giving back to this great country, here are some things they may appreciate receiving.

Show off USA Love With Jewelry

Living in the home of the brave and land of the free is something to be proud of. One way to help your favorite teen represent their love for freedom is through jewelry. Bracelets and necklaces are great for everyday wear or when volunteering for an upcoming political campaign. Stay cool and keep the rays away with patriotic party sunglasses. For those who strive to “Make America Great Again,” a MAGA hat is a great gift choice.

Linens for Everyday Use

Blankets, sheets, pillows and curtains that carry a touch of Americana are great for teen rooms. For example:

  • A flag bed set or pillows dress up a room by adding a hint of red, white and blue
  • Old Glory makes a huge political statement when used as a decorative wall hanging
  • A soft American flag fleece blanket is a cozy gift option for all ages

Portable flag-themed chairs and red and blue drink koozies are great on-the-go gift ideas to pair with blankets and pillows. Perfect for a country concert or football game.

For the College-Bound Teen

For young adults heading to college and who love to support their country, there are a plethora of gift options they may like. Storage is a big deal for compact dorm rooms. Make a room pop with color by adding flag-patterned storage baskets. They can hide books, snacks and other essentials that will clear up clutter. Flag dish towels and napkins also add a splash of fun year-round, or when hosting a holiday party.

Satisfy With Food and Gift Crates

No teen will turn down a yummy basket full of food essentials and snacks. Sites like Mancrates offer patriotic-minded gift crates that pack all of the tools for snacking on-the-go. Loaded in a stylish ammo box, they are packed full of yummies like tasty beef jerky, candy and energy bars. Or, you can personalize a gift basket and fill it with food and items you know the recipient will enjoy. This is a great send-off gift for the teen heading off to college or congratulatory gift celebrating their first apartment.

Choose one item or several to create an individualized gift that any American teen would love. Whether it’s your child, grandchild or favorite neighborhood teen, there’s no going wrong with a patriotic gift.

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