Best Replies to Offer Gun Control Nuts

Best Replies to Offer Gun Control Nuts
Best Replies to Offer Gun Control Nuts

Gun control nuts – we all know at least one. You try to argue with them rationally, make them see the light…but it just doesn’t work! When all else fails, the snark in your voice can start rising to the top, and who can blame you? If you’re lost for a response, try something from this mix-and-match list of sensible and sassy responses that highlight the absurdity of gun control arguments.

Suggested Gun Control Responses

  • Instead of gun control, why don’t we just make gun violence and murder illegal? I bet people wouldn’t commit those crimes if we did.
  • There’s no such thing as an “assault” weapon. Assault is something you do, not something you hold or carry. Calling an AR15 an “assault rifle” is like saying the 400 or so murders using hammers each year occur because of assault hammers.
  • You want to give peace a chance? I can respect that. My rifle and I will give you cover in the meantime.
  • You think guns should be treated like cars? I agree! We should be able to buy as many as we like, take them almost anywhere, rent them in every city, upgrade and modify them as desired, and own hundreds if desired!
  • I’m a supporter of gun control, too. That’s why I head to the gun range every Sunday to practice. You can only achieve accuracy if you control your gun properly, you know.
  • Guns are only made to kill? This simply isn’t true. Guns are designed to eject a small projectile at a very high force. If anything, it’s the bullet that is designed to inflict maximum damage – and that’s not even true for every bullet.
  • Look, I have strong feelings about gun control, too. If there’s a gun anywhere near me, I want to be the one controlling it!
  • Sure, you can have my gun – ounce by ounce. Sadly, it has a max transfer rate of an ounce or two at a time.
  • You don’t need an AR15 to hunt? Actually, as it turns out, a properly used AR15 will take most animals down quickly and efficiently. That’s far more humane than a standard rifle or even a bow and arrow.

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How do you handle people who try to change your views on gun laws and gun control?