Beto Envisions a Police State Presidency

Beto Envisions a Police State Presidency

Beto O’Rourke. He’s a peculiar specimen for a politician out of Texas being a Democrat — more so as his views drift further left — looking to be the 2020 presidential nominee for their party. He’s a gun control Progressive Liberal who just took things to a whole new extreme.

Numerous outlets are reporting that on the day after the Ohio debate, Beto upped the stakes when he claimed that during his tenure in office, should it come to pass, he would make his “buyback” program mandatory for so-called “assault weapons.” Yes, he’d skip right past the 2nd Amendment and send the police to the doors of people who refused to “sell” these rifles to the government.

It has to make one wonder which of these four words from the Bill of Rights he’s having trouble with: “shall not be infringed.” It should also make one scared, history has proven that when governments disarm their citizens, totalitarianism is generally not far behind.


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