Have Better Sex with Menopause

Have Better Sex with Menopause

Menopause, that time when women seem to have no control over what happens to their bodies and men have no idea how to respond or what they may be dealing with next. But, there is hope. Menopause signifies a change in more ways than one — including potentially improving your sex life.

Understanding How Menopause Impacts Sex

For women, menopause can mean crucial changes to their sex lives, including pain, irritation and lack of enthusiasm. If you’re not careful, this can change the entire relationship. The first thing to do is to understand what’s happening. When women are young, their hormones naturally make them want to have sex. It’s the body’s built-in drive to procreate, and it can be especially strong during specific times of the month.
When women get older, they no longer produce the hormone that makes them more… vigorous. That hormone also helps keep her reproductive system prepared and moist. When the hormone is no longer being produced, she may feel itchy and dry. Hormone-containing cream can help get rid of some of these symptoms.

Time to Experiment

If you haven’t taken the time to try out the various oils and lubricants on the market, now is a great time to start. The cream helps, but oils and other lubricants come in more varieties than you might imagine, and can be a fun way to try new things. You might also try a new approach to sex in general. Add a little more romance, drop a few hints, and try to be subtly, but sexually, engaging through the day. By the time you’re both ready, well, she’s more ready than you might expect.

Reduced Worries

The one thing that most women enjoy about menopause is the fact that it means the end of the menses and concerns about pregnancy. That means less stress on you both, and more freedom for her in general as she no longer has to be prepared for the untimely arrival of Aunt Flo.
The absolute best way to make this time in life more sexually pleasing is to open the lines of communication, if you haven’t already. Couples who can talk about their bodies, desires, and sexual details are far more likely to develop and maintain a healthy sex life, and deeper intimacy in general.