Biden Addresses Cognitive Decline Accusations

Biden Addresses Cognitive Decline Accusations

( – Joe Biden hasn’t always been the sharpest tool in the shed. He’s been prone to stupid gaffes for his entire career. But what we’re seeing now isn’t just harmless blunders. He seems to be exhibiting significant signs of cognitive decline.

But old Joe certainly isn’t going to admit to it, at least not before the election in November. On Sunday, August 23, the former vice president gave an interview to ABC News, and his mental state came up in the questioning. Biden attempted to laugh the whole thing off, saying, “watch me.”

While Joe was laughing, the camera cut to Kamala Harris. She looked nervous with an odd smirk on her face. Biden then said people should look at the fitness of both he and Trump.

He admitted it was legitimate to ask about the mental fitness of anyone over the age of 70. But, he insisted he was not in cognitive decline and he said people could see that if they just watch him.

That’s the problem, though. We are watching him. And he doesn’t seem too sharp.

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