Biden Admin Adds Another Item to Its Hit List

Biden Admin Adds Another Appliance to Its Hit List

( – President Joe Biden has made green energy policies a top priority of his administration. One of the ways he is trying to reduce the country’s environmental footprint is by tackling allegedly inefficient items people have in their homes. Ceiling fans are now on the president’s hit list.

During Biden’s first year, he passed the Energy Act of 2020. The legislation provided the framework to modernize the country’s energy standards. The rules include provisions to make ceiling fans more energy efficient. The Energy Department reportedly believes the standards will save households about $39 over the course of the fan’s lifespan.

While it’s saving Americans a whopping $39 total over many, many, MANY years, it will increase the cost of manufacturing the fans by $86.6 million annually. The astronomical cost to companies that manufacture fans is concerning industry experts, Republican lawmakers, and small business owners.

On August 24, Conservatives on the House Small Business Committee demanded answers from Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. The lawmakers stated the proposed standards would require many small businesses to redesign their products in an effort to comply and would put between 10% and 30% of ceiling fan manufacturers out of business. They pointed out that it doesn’t appear the Department of Energy bothered to consider those issues.

A spokesperson for the Department of Energy claimed the new standards are “required by Congress” and wouldn’t go into effect for years. They also claimed the standards would save “up to $369 million” annually and reduce pollution.

The efficiency standards for various appliances have caused an uproar across the country. Americans have vehemently objected to the idea of prohibiting gas stoves in homes. They are angry about dishwasher standards that leave their plates and spoons dirty. And, it appears the fight is moving on to the most mundane of items. The question now seems to be what the Biden Administration intends to meddle with next.

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