Biden Admin Admits Begging to Release Americans in Afghanistan

Biden Admin Admits Begging to Release Americans in Afghanistan

( – Thousands of American troops are currently in Kabul, Afghanistan, trying to evacuate US citizens and refugees. Last week, reports indicated President Joe Biden’s administration was begging the Taliban to allow people to leave the country. A cabinet official has now confirmed those reports.

On August 22, Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke to CBS’ Face the Nation about the withdrawal. Host Major Garrett asked if the US is really asking the “Taliban for permission for American citizens to leave.” The secretary didn’t deny that was happening, saying, “They are in control of Kabul. That is the reality.”

The US just spent 20 years trying to keep the Taliban out of power. President Biden has been in office for just over seven months, and the terrorists are back in control of Afghanistan. Although other factors did play a role in the events, there’s no doubt the administration didn’t handle the withdrawal well. To have the US begging the Taliban to let Americans out of the country is one more blow.

President Biden previously commented he was considering an extension to the withdrawal timeline, but just today announced he will adhere to the originally agreed upon August 31st deadline. Now the question remains – can we get everyone out in time?

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