Biden Administration Hits Roadblock After Judge’s Ruling

Biden Administration Hits Roadblock After Judge's Ruling

( – President Joe Biden’s administration has implemented a variety of different programs to help aid people hurt by the pandemic. However, it seems many of them have a strange, racial slant. For instance, he’s prioritizing loans to minority farmers instead of all farmers. And he has done the same thing with grants for restaurants, but now a judge has put a stop to it.

On May 16, a Texas cafe owner, Philip Greer, sued the Small Business Administration (SBA) alleging that he won’t be able to get a Restaurant Revitalization Fund grant as the Biden administration is giving women and racial minorities priority. He said the program is “illegal” and “unconstitutional” because it bases the decision of whether to give someone a grant on their sex and race.

US District Judge Reed O’Connor granted a temporary restraining order against the program.

The judge said that the plaintiff is likely to win the lawsuit against the Biden administration. If the program is deemed unconstitutional, Greer will also likely win a grant from the revitalization fund.

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