Biden Administration Looks to Further Infiltrate American Homes

Biden Administration Looks to Further Infiltrate American Homes

( – President Joe Biden has made mitigating the environmental damage caused by climate change one of the top priorities of his administration. His push for green energy initiatives and pollution reductions has left Conservatives fuming. Earlier this year, his administration ignited a firestorm with remarks about gas stoves. Now, critics are mad about another appliance.

Dishwasher Standards

On May 5, the Department of Energy announced stricter dishwasher standards that experts estimate will save Americans $168 million in utility bills annually. The new rules would reduce the amount of allowable water from 5 gallons to 3.3. Most dishwashers use 3 gallons of water when completing their cycles, but this would be the standard for all machines moving forward if it goes into effect in 2027.

Ironically, the current 5-gallon per cycle standard for dishwashers went into effect in 2013. And three years later, the Department of Energy determined that more stringent guidelines would not be economically justified. Still, the Biden Administration is moving forward with its plans.

Outrage Over Standards

On July 18, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) filed a comment with the Department of Energy about the new standards for a coalition of 19 consumer and industry groups. In its letter, the groups argue the proposed rule would exacerbate problems already happening because of the 5-gallon rule.

The coalition states that federal law requires the Energy secretary to “prioritize efficiency above all else in the standards-setting process.” Instead of doing that, the Biden Administration is putting “excessively stringent standards” in place that experts argue “do more harm than good.”

According to the CEI letter, the standards in place are causing significant problems for consumers, including “cycle times an hour or more longer” than the norms before the changes. Instead of focusing on new water standards, the coalition suggested the department should “shift its focus to addressing the drawbacks caused by its existing dishwasher regulations.”

The groups warned that the Biden Administration’s proposal will likely worsen the situation. They pointed out that the “existing energy and water limits are already quite stringent” and making them stricter “would generate very little marginal savings.”

Other Appliances Targeted

In addition to dishwashers, the Biden Administration has proposed new rules for washing machines, refrigerators, dryers, beverage vending machines, and electric motors. The administration’s desire to regulate so many items in the homes of the American people has left some fuming.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has called the Department of Energy “disconnected” from reality. He has vowed that he won’t support any of the administration’s “craziness.”

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