Biden Administration Loses Another One

Biden Administration Loses Another One

( – White House counsel Stuart Delery helped President Joe Biden implement some of his most important policies. He worked on vaccine distribution during the national health emergency and helped with the POTUS’ immigration policies. Now he’s handed in his resignation.

On August 17, Delery announced he was leaving his position in the administration. He will leave his post sometime in September. Although officials didn’t name a replacement, the administration expects to have someone new in place by the time he departs.

Delery and Biden have had a long professional relationship with one another. He served as the acting associate attorney general, the third most prominent position at the Department of Justice, during former President Barack Obama’s administration. He joined Biden’s administration at the beginning, serving as the deputy White House counsel, before being promoted to the top position in 2022 when Dana Remus left the administration. During his time in the position, he oversaw the confirmations of 51 nominees to the federal district courts and 20 to the federal appeals courts.

Biden released a statement to the press after Delery announced his resignation. He called his White House counsel a “trusted adviser and a constant source of innovative legal thinking since Day 1” of the administration.

The attorney’s decision to leave comes as Biden prepares to ramp up his re-election campaign. With the 2024 election just 15 months away, the administration is looking to eliminate unnecessary distractions. White House Chief of Staff Jeffrey D. Zients has reportedly asked the cabinet secretaries to make a decision about whether they intend to stay on through the campaign or leave their posts. The president reportedly doesn’t want to worry about confirmation hearings when he’s trying to win a second term.

Zients also spoke about Delery’s departure, saying his time in the position “will shape the country for the better for decades to come.”

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