Biden Admits He Doesn’t Like Abortion in Public Statement

Biden Admits He Doesn't Like Abortion in Public Statement

( – President Joe Biden is the country’s second Catholic commander-in-chief. The first was President John F. Kennedy. One of the issues the 46th president has always had to reconcile with his faith is his position on abortion. Recently, he once again admitted that he does not like the medical procedure despite being pro-choice.

Saturday, June 24, was the one-year anniversary of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision that reversed the abortion precedent set by Roe v. Wade. On Tuesday, the president spoke at a fundraiser for about 100 donors in Chevy Chase, Maryland. At the event, he told the crowd that he was “not big on abortion,” but he still thought Roe was correct.

Biden went on to say that the majority of religions were in lockstep with Roe. He claimed that during the first three months of pregnancy, religions would historically say, “That’s between a woman and her family.” Then the second trimester is “between a woman and her doctor.” He said they couldn’t do it in the last three months unless the woman’s health was in danger.

Chad Pecknold, a systematic theology associate professor at The Catholic University of America, spoke to the National Catholic Register (NCR) about Biden’s remark. He said the president is contradicting himself and his father “as well as basic morality, logic and history.” He pointed out that the Catholic Church was not in agreement with the Roe. “The Church has opposed abortion as murder for 2,000 years,” the professor explained.

Pecknold went on to say it’s time for the president to recognize that Catholicism contradicts his views because there can’t be a “right to kill innocent life.” Furthermore, he believes Biden should realize it’s a “mortal sin” and also a “crime against humanity” because a “Catholic could do no less.”

Since taking office, Biden has been denied communion while at mass due to his position on abortion.

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