Biden Ahead in Iowa

Biden Ahead in Iowa

( – A new poll out January 20th shows that Joe Biden has picked up the lead in Iowa, just two weeks before the caucuses.

The poll, from Focus on Rural America, shows Biden polling at 24%. Other candidates included are Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who polled at 18%, Pete Buttigieg at 16% and Bernie Sanders at 14%. Amy Klobuchar, who was recently endorsed alongside Warren by the New York Times, only reached 11% in the polls.

It appears that Biden’s rise could be fallout from Warren and Sanders’ recent “feud” over a conversation from 2018.

Those surveyed asked who they would not support based on the most recent debate. Warren came in at 12% and Sanders was right behind her at 11%.

The survey included 500 voters and was conducted on January 15-18.

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