Biden Announces CRACKDOWN – But There’s a BIG Problem!

Biden Puts Foot in Mouth With Recent Gun Control Comments

Biden Puts Foot in Mouth With Recent Gun Control Comments

( – Republicans have complained that liberal lawmakers don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to the Democratic Party’s desire to change gun laws. For instance, Liberals regularly demand “assault rifle” bans, but they’re referring to ordinary semi-automatic rifles, which aren’t more dangerous than handguns. President Joe Biden recently made a remark that has many shaking their heads.

On October 23, The Epoch Times reported that Biden spoke to NowThis News about his plans for guns. The president claimed his legislation prohibits people from having “more than eight bullets in a round.” Critics were quick to point out Biden’s remark didn’t make any sense. A round is one bullet; the terms are used interchangeably.

Biden added people who carry out mass shootings have magazines “that can hold up to 100 bullets in it.” He said that’s “like having an automatic weapon,” which is illegal in the US. Yet, automatic weapons don’t have anything to do with the number of bullets in a magazine.

To use a semi-automatic rifle, a person must press the trigger each time they want to fire the weapon. On the other hand, a shooter only needs to press an automatic weapon’s trigger once, and the gun will continue to fire as long as the user holds the trigger down. Additionally, there’s a common misconception that laws entirely ban automatic weapons in the US. While laws vary, individuals who owned guns before 1986 can still legally transfer ownership if the ATF approves of it.

What do you think about Biden’s remarks?

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