Biden Asked to Issue Drought Crisis Declaration

Biden Asked to Issue Drought Crisis Declaration

( – Western America is currently in the midst of a terrible drought. Wildfires have spread across the parched earth at a dangerous speed. Agricultural areas are worried their crops and livestock might die. Lawmakers are now asking President Joe Biden to do something about it.

On August 25, Reps. Jared Huffman (D-CA) and Joe Neguse (D-CO) sent a letter to Biden asking him to issue a disaster declaration due to the drought. The lawmakers told the president a livestock feed shortage is leading many farmers to consider selling their animals. They also said animals in the states impacted by the conditions are “suffering from wildfires and lack of water.”

According to the Democratic lawmakers, the governors in the states have said they don’t have the resources they need to face the crisis. The federal government needs to step in and help those impacted before it’s too late.

Earlier this month, those governors also asked the federal government for help. They told the Biden administration that the drought has reached historic levels, forcing farmers to sell their land and livestock.

The Biden administration hasn’t responded to the letter from the governors or Democratic lawmakers.

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