Biden Asked To Resign

Biden Asked To Resign

( – President Joe Biden’s State of the Union (SOTU) Address was widely criticized by Republicans for being partisan. During his speech, the commander-in-chief took a number of shots at the opposing party.

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) was especially annoyed by the president’s remarks about one of his plans. Now, he is calling on Biden to resign from office.

SOTU Remarks

During the February 7 SOTU Address, Biden lashed out at Republicans, saying some of them “want Medicare and Social Security to sunset.” The crowd immediately erupted in protests. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) screamed, “LIAR!” at the president.

Biden responded to the screams, telling the GOP that anyone who wants to read the proposal that would allow the vital programs to sunset could contact his office. He went on to explain what that means, saying that if Congress doesn’t vote to reauthorize the programs, they would “go away.” The president said he was “politely not naming” the person who proposed the legislation.

Though Biden would not name the lawmaker who wants the federal programs to sunset, Scott named himself the next day and defended his position.

Scott Calls for Biden’s Resignation

In a new ad, Scott calls on Biden to resign from office. He claimed the president lied about his desire to cut Social Security and Medicare. The senator went on to allege the president cheated on his taxes. He said the president used a tax loophole that allowed him to get away with not paying roughly $500,000 in federal taxes.

Exploiting loopholes in the tax code is typical and legal. However, if Biden actually did use the loophole to save money, it would be ironic since he is constantly preaching that rich people should pay their fair share.

Scott’s Plan 

Senator Scott has introduced a proposal that would allow all federal programs, including Medicare and Social Security, to sunset every five years. At that point, Congress would have to vote to pass legislation putting the programs in place again. Senate Republicans rejected the senator’s proposal.

WSAZ reported Scott issued a statement after the SOTU Address, admitting that his proposal does allow all federal legislation to sunset. “If a law is worth keeping, Congress can pass it again,” the senator said. He went on to say that his proposal is a response to “ALL the crazy new laws our Congress has been passing of late.”

The senator said Biden was “confused” and playing “fake, gotcha BS” that the American people hate to see come from Washington. Scott said he has never advocated ending important federal policies.

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